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Softball Information

Registration Update

Our Spring softball season is coming to a close. Fall registration will open June 1st. All age groups will begin practice in August and games will run from September to October. Teeball, 6U, and 8U will cost $ per payer or $ per player for late registration. 10U, 12U,and 14U will cost $ per player or $ per player for late registration.

  • T-Ball registration fee will include a hat, jersey, pants, belt, and socks. Players are only responsible for their gloves, bats, and cleats.
  • All other age groups will need to get their own uniforms. (Coaches will coordinate this with their individual teams)
  • T-Ball will be broken up into two age groups. 3-4 and 5-6. All T-Ball games will be played in house at Walker Hawk Sports Complex in Royse City on Saturdays with one scheduled practice a week (weather permitting).
  • All age groups will play an 8 game season over 6 weeks plus the playoff tournaments.
  • 6U-8U-10U-12U-14U will play all home games at Walker Hawk Sports Complex in Royse City. All away games will be at Caddo Mills. All games could be scheduled on a Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday nights and possibly Saturday's. Playoff tournaments will be scheduled for a weekend.

Runs allowed per inning
  • Softball | Five (5) runs per inning
  • T-ball | Six (6) runs per inning
Run rules
  • 15 runs after 3 innings
  • 8 runs after 4 innings
  • 6U and 8U | 60 minutes
  • 10U | 75 minutes
  • 12U | 90 minutes
  • 3/4 and 5/6 | 55 min
Additional time allowance

When within 5 minutes of the allotted game time: if the home team is behind and the top of the inning has ended, they will be given their at bet even if it goes over the alotted game time. However, if the home team is behind by more than the single inning run limit, the game will be called in favor of the visiting team.

Weather Related Disruption

When the regulation game has not reached the 50% of game play time, the game will be made up and started over as a new game.

When a regulation game has reached at least 50% of the scheduled play time and must be discontinued due to weather then the game will officially record the final score.

If a regulation game is called off due to weather:

  • the home team does not have the lead,
  • AND while an inning is in progress,
  • AND before the inning is completed,
  • AND the visiting team has scored one or more runs to take the lead
  • THEN final score will revert to the previous inning after the home team has completed an official inning.
  • The offensive team may place a coach at first base, second base, and home plate
  • The home plate coach may position the batter in the box
  • If an offensive coach touches a baserunning player that player will be called OUT
  • The defensive team may place one coach in the outfield and one coach in the infield
  • All other coaches must stay in the dugout
  • Prior to the game beginning both head coaches (or the acting head coach) and the umpire shall have a home plate meeting
  • A team must have 7 players to begin a game (if there are not 7 players the team will have to forfeit)
  • 3/4 Only | Each team will take turns batting through their entire bench per inning
  • 3/4 Only | There will be neither outs nor runs recorded
  • 3/4 Only | Each batter will swing until they are able to put the ball in play
  • 5/6 Only | Batters will have 3 swings to put the ball in play
  • 5/6 Only | No additional swings are awarded for foul balls
  • 3/4 Only | When the last batter puts the ball into play, all players on base will run the bases to home plate
Defensive Play
  • The pitcher may not run down a runner going to first base, but must either throw the ball to first base or run it to first base
  • The pitcher may run down a runner going to any other base or home plate
Bat Weights:

12U and under | no bat weight restrictions, should have USA or USSSA stamp

14U | must be drop 5, drop 3, or wood. BBCOR stamp is not required


No specific stamp (NFHS or otherwise) is required on balls, gloves, bats, or any other equipment.

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