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2024 Texas Ranger Season Tickets

Season Ticket Information

For 2024, the RCYSA league has purchased season tickets for your Texas Rangers. Part of these tickets are being awarded as prizes within our fundraiser, but other tickets we are making available to our league for purchase as either 2-seats ($100 total) or 4-seats ($200 total) bundles. Please see our list of games to see if there is a game you would like to purchase. When you go to pay ensure you indicate the date of which game you would like to purchase. To pay, select the DonorBox link to the right submit your payment.

Our seats are located in Section 209, Row 3, Seats 18, 19, 20, and 21

An asterick below also indicates that seats 22, 23, 24, and 25 may also be available


When you submit your payment, ensure you indicate the date of which game you would like to purchase. We will process these on a first-come first-serve basis. In case there are backup games you may be interested in, please notate the priority order of the games you would like.

Payments and requests need to come in three (3) days prior to the game. Otherwise, the tickets will be listed for sale on other portals. (Example: A game for Friday needs to be requested by Tuesday. Wednesday morning, the tickets will be listed on other portals)

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Available games:
Date Day Opponent Tickets
May 14, 2024 Tuesday Cleveland Guardians 8*
May 17, 2024 Friday Los Angeles Angels 2
June 4, 2024 Tuesday Detroit Tigers 8*
June 7, 2024 Friday San Fransisco Giants 8*
June 9, 2024 Sunday San Fransisco Giants 8*
June 18, 2024 Tuesday New York Mets 2
June 21, 2024 Friday Kansas City Royals 8*
June 23, 2024 Sunday Kansas City Royals 4*
July 5, 2024 Friday Tampa Bay Rays 8*
July 22, 2024 Monday Chicago White Sox 8*
July 24, 2024 Wednesday Chicago White Sox 4
August 2, 2024 Friday Boston Red Sox 4*
August 15, 2024 Thursday Minnesota Twins 8*
August 17, 2024 Saturday Minnesota Twins 8*
August 19, 2024 Monday Pittsburgh Pirates 8*
August 21, 2024 Wednesday Pittsburgh Pirates 4
August 31, 2024 Saturday Oakland Athletics 8*
September 6, 2024 Friday Los Angeles Angels 8*
September 8, 2024 Sunday Los Angeles Angels 4
September 18, 2024 Wednesday Toronto Blue Jays 4
September 20, 2024 Friday Seattle Mariners 8*
September 22, 2024 Sunday Seattle Mariners 4

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